• Spartacus statue

    It’s Time for a Slave Revolt! Let’s All Be Spartacus

    It’s time for a slave revolt! Tobacco’s history has had a long and ugly relationship with the enslavement of others for the benefit of growing the wealth of the few. While slavery has existed for millennia prior to the cultivation of tobacco, it was the tobacco trade that was particularly instrumental in the development of chattel slavery: slavery where a human being, as well the person’s offspring were owned from the moment of enslavement until their death.  People were considered property, without any rights. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, tobacco only grew in the Americas. It was considered a sacred plant by the indigenous peoples, who used it…

  • Candy

    Flavors Lure Kids

    Candy flavors lure kids. Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel?  How one day when they had taken too much of their parents neglect or cruelty (whether perceived or real) they ran away.  They felt if they left a trail of breadcrumbs, they could find their way back.  Instead, the breadcrumbs were eaten by the birds and they got lost.  As they tried to find their way, they ran instead into a cottage made of candy, where a wicked witch, masquerading as a kindly old woman invited them in to enjoy whatever they pleased. Rather than enjoying a sumptuous banquet of never-ending sweets, they became imprisoned.  The witch fattening them…

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